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Attfield Family Tree

Welcome to this Attfield Family Tree Web site, and thanks for visiting.

This tree is based on a beautifully hand-drawn tree that was passed down to me by my father. It was produced by Colin Attfield of Hoddesdon, Herts, in 1956, and distributed to as many then-living Attfields as he was able to identify. This tree (from which the Coat of Arms is taken) has had quite a wide circulation; indeed it has already been posted on more than one web site.

Colin Attfield explained that his intention was “to carry on and bring up to date a table of the Attfield genealogy first started by John of Watford in 1889”. John Attfield of Watford (1835-1911) was indeed an eminent Victorian - Professor of Chemistry, Fellow of the Royal Society, and editor of The British Pharmacopaeia. He did a magnificent job, with the research tools available to him at the time, of tracing a detailed and largely accurate tree of this widely spread family, back to an original “Henry Attfield of Chertsey” born in 1722.

Today the greater availability of genealogy data, and the resources of the internet, make it possible to extend our knowledge of this interesting tree, and correct a small number of inaccuracies which had crept in. In particular, the female members of the family - completely ignored in the original tree - can now be restored to their rightful place in the Attfield genealogy.

When researching a family tree on the internet, it is good to be able to draw on work already done by other researchers. Those whose work I am able to identify by name are mentioned on the Thanks page, and there is also a collection of Links to other interesting and relevant sites. If you recognise any of your own research here, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to add an acknowledgement.  In the meantime I would like to express general thanks to all others who have already contributed to our knowledge of this interesting tree.

In accordance with normal practice, and to avoid the unintentional inclusion of living people, all those born less than 100 years ago and not known to be already deceased have either been removed or tagged simply as “Living” unless explicit permission has been given to include them.

As well as the Gallery of photos and images, the site also includes a collection of Attfield-related Documents for downloading, as well as a series of articles and essays on themes connected with the Attfield family. These can be found on the Stories page.

Research on this Attfield family tree is ongoing, and the site is updated as new information comes along. New items - e.g. photos, documents for downloading, and additional Attfield family history information - are added as and when possible.

Thanks to new evidence based on DNA testing, I have decided to accept the hypotheses put forward in the essays on “Henry the Elder” and “The Two Jameses” which can be found on the Stories page, and have therefore extended the family tree backwards by one generation to Henry Attfield’s father and siblings. Many new individuals have thus been added to the tree. But it must be emphasised that these connections remain hypotheses and there is no conclusive proof.

Please also take time to visit a great website devoted to the Attfield families of Albury, Farnham, Windlesham and elsewhere, at

The family tree on this site was produced using the program Family Historian 6.2.

If you have any comments, corrections or additional information, please e-mail me at the following address:


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